REMAPPING OF YM50 ECU *Only suitable for 17 plus year olds and may affect your warranty*.please call 01908 319889 for this service


This enhancement raises the RPM limiter from 7,000 to 12,000, significantly boosting your acceleration and top speed to an estimated 40-45 MPH Only suitable for individuals aged 17 and over. May affect your warranty. 

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Yamasaki YM50 RE REMAP

  1. Remove your ECU from your YM50RE this is located under your main seat
  2. Send your ECU to (Yamasaki Unit 34 tanners drive Blakelands MK14 5BN ) Recorded delivery with your contact details inside
  3. Pay for the ECU Re map with the button above
  4. The ECU will be tested to make sure it is fully functioning.
  5. Yamasaki will re map your ECU and return it to you with DPD local please allow 3 days ones it has arrived with Yamasaki 
  6. Reinstall your ECU to your motorcycle

  this modification will increase the 7000 RPM limiter an to 12000RPM this will increase your acceleration and top speed to approximately 40 to45 MPH


  • This modification is only suitable for individuals who are at least 17 years old.
  • Remapping the ECU of your bike will change its>CBRS takes no responsibility for any liability arising from this modification. It is the responsibility of the owner to inform the DVLA and their insurance company of the modification.
  • Remapping the ECU will invalidate your engine warranty.
  • All ECUs sent to CBRS will be checked before remapping to ensure that the remap will work.